Hi y’all! we at The Lifting Lab are a 24 hour fitness facility and personal training studio who is trying to change the way you view fitness!!

We want to turn this industry on its head. Our owner Anna, as someone who has worked in this industry for years and seen both trainers/employees and clients continually being picked on, belittled, harassed, and made to feel less than by other people in this industry and experienced people doing this to her as well, she got fed up and The Lifting Lab was born! She wanted to create something completely different to help others and provide a safe and relaxing gym environment along the way. The gym doesn’t have to be this big intimidating thing but often times it is. We want to create a fun and inviting space for everyone to feel comfortable, even those with no gym experience at all!

The heart of this gym is based around honesty, kindness, love and humility.

We will do everything possible to accept others with love and provide support when it’s welcomed. We also will not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind.

Keeping our members and employees safe mentally and physically is the most important and we will always strive to protect others when possible.

Our gym dog, Oskee, is a great example of the type of member we want in our gym. He greets everyone and is kind even when he’s tired or worn down from a day of play. He is who he is and is unapologetically himself. He cares about others. He listens to others and is able to respect their boundaries when they set them. He loves food and naps (because same). And he has a realistic mindset and focuses on what he can do now (not the possible future).

If you resonate with any of this you should apply to be part of our gym fam 🙂 we would love to have you even if you are nervous. It’s always hard to start but if we can ease it for you we always will. We want to create an environment where people are ok not knowing and want to figure it out along the way and give it their all. We can care for others best when we take care of ourselves but that is much easier said than done. Let’s build a community to help lift each other up when we just aren’t feeling it or when we are having a bad or good day! Show up. For yourself. For others. But just show up.

We also provide health coaching and personal training to help create food and exercise freedom by working together with you to find your individualized plan. This allows you to feel more in control and enjoy working out and eating right! Our goal in the gym is not only to help others build better lives for themselves through fitness, but to gain confidence and independence in the gym that ensures they will succeed long term! This also allows diet and exercise to be something that is sustainable for life, just like it should be!

We treat you with respect and we leave our egos at the door as trainers. We are all human and empathy is an important part of the health process. We will always treat you kind and work to best serve you here!

Go apply for membership on our home page! We are a small welcoming community who would love to have you around!

A Female-Focused Gym

So what is a female-focused gym?

Our female-focused gym is protective of females first and makes safety a priority since historically women have not had a gym space where they have been able to truly workout in peace and comfort. We want to create a safe space but we still want and allow all genders to be members of our gym so long as they are respectful!! *see how below*

How is a female-focus gym different?

💥 We prioritize the comfort of our members

-We want to take a softer approach to fitness. We believe you can be strong and still want a gym that isn’t super intense cause let’s face it we can still be baddies and decked out in flowers and pink because of this approach we will be transforming the gym into a cozy 60s/70s style living room atmosphere so you can truly make the gym your own!

-We have also set up the layout of the machines in the gym so there are the least amount of eyes on you as possible even angling the machines so no one has to interact with anyone they do not want to cause gym/social anxiety is so real! We try as hard as we can to minimize this and you even have your own rag and cleaning bottle so you don’t have any of those awkward gym encounters at the cleaning stations! 🙂 

-We have a dog, Oskee, who is here with Anna when she is at the gym that loves to be loved on! Honestly he is so calm and gentle it is a huge stress reliever just to come pet him and some people say that is the reason they come to the gym and they end up getting a great workout in too! 

-We also plan on keeping our crowd small and not packing the gym because we are in the fitness world to create a safe and comfortable space for people who feel uncomfortable in a gym 🏋‍♀️ because let’s face it everyone even bodybuilders to powerlifters to beginners to everyone in-between has experienced this at some point or another!

-Also it’s really cool to truly want to go to the gym and be happy to be there and not want to rush out the door as fast as possible! (A lot and I mean A LOT of our members have told us this is the case for them and the first and only time they’ve ever thought that so we take a lot of pride in that fact!)

💥 We take safety seriously from the start

-We have 2 way audio cameras covering the gym to keep everyone safe and we can try to prevent bullying and harassment. We also have a camera recording the sidewalk to keep members are safe when they leave the gym as well

-We have 911 buttons that send your GPS location & call 911 with one push that you can even talk through if necessary

-We vet every person who walks in the gym even for tours to make sure they are going to be respectful of the gym and its members. This includes researching them online as well as meeting everyone in person

-In addition to all of this, we have a system in place that ensures men only gain access if they have a good referral from a current female member. That being said, we also protect current members and will not allow someone in the gym that is deemed unsafe to them (even mentally) that we are aware of. We know not all men are unsafe and want our ladies to be able to work out happily with their partners if they want to, so this is just another way we vet people ahead of time! 

-We do not allow outside guest passes or day passes because this is another way we make sure everyone stays safe. However we do allow our current members to bring guests with them as long as they clear the guest with us ahead of time so members can still workout with their friends! 🙂 

💥 We back up our words w/ actions

-We value respect, love and honesty. Because of this we have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, discrimination and abuse. If a member does any of these things, their membership access will be revoked immediately and we bill the remaining membership dues on their account

-These dues will be donated to a charity that combats that behavior as a way to help stop inappropriate behavior in the future 🙂

-Luckily we have not had to use this policy yet but our owner is a fierce protector of others and will definitely fight to right wrongdoings towards our members

❤ We would love to meet with you if you’re interested in joining our kind and awesome little community! 😀 Message us here on the home page for more info! ❤