Safe and Relaxing 24-Hour Gym

We started The Lifting Lab with a dream of creating what we would call "a pocket of good" in the Findlay community. There are so many intense (intimidating) gyms that take themselves very seriously and have big egos. We want to be the opposite! We are a small, relaxing, female-focused 24 hour gym and health club that focuses on providing you safe and comfortable fitness and exercise facilities with state of the art equipment! Female focused means that we take extra precautions to keep our female members safe. We have a strict no harassment and no bullying policy that we enforce fully. We have 5 internal cameras covering the length of the facility and 1 (180 degrees) outdoor camera by the front door so women can see who is outside before they leave the gym. We also provide multiple wireless 911 buttons that will call with the press of a button and send GPS location without needing to communicate with dispatchers. We also plan to cover the windows with mirrored reflective window tint during the day and we currently have curtains up at night to provide privacy. No outside guests are permitted without the accompaniment of a gym member and all male members must have a referral from a current female member to gain access to the facilities. All bathrooms are private and we provide hair ties and shower wipes if needed. We also just have a relaxing environment and the gym is designed to provide optimal privacy for every member. You will be safe and be able to truly relax here. If you want to find out more or be a part of the gym sign up on our home page! We would love to talk with you and give you a tour!

Personal Training

Personal training is highly individualized with us. While other people program the same workouts for every client every day, we think this doesn't actually get you where you want to be in regards to your goals. We take your input into full consideration when we write your individual workouts and program your plans. To start every plan we take you through an in depth consultation to make sure we work with you and meet you where you are at in your personal training journey. At The Lifting Lab, we make sure everything you are doing is safe for your body as well when you are working with and being instructed by a personal trainer. This is where we focus on building good form with each exercise and confidence in your ability to perform each exercise properly. We go a bit slower and really take the time you need to learn everything properly before we lift heavy! This service includes weekly check-ins, custom workout design, nutrition and lifestyle planning, goal setting and so much more!

Online Fitness Coaching

Not everyone can workout in the gym and we don't expect everyone to do this. At The Lifting Lab we meet you where you are and provide the same quality workouts you would get in the gym at home! We schedule a consultation with you to make sure we are a good fit to coach you in your virtual physical exercise programs and health coaching programs. From there, we program everything individually for you and take your body into full consideration with your programs and plans. This is where we focus on building good form with each exercise and confidence in your ability to perform each exercise properly over zoom. Virtual training is the way of the future and we want to support you everywhere you go. This service also includes weekly check-ins, custom workout design, lifestyle suggestions, goal setting and so much more!

Health Coaching and Nutrition Coaching

Health coaching and nutrition coaching are near and dear to our hearts because they are so important when it comes to reaching your goals. We are not the basic trainers of your past and we are not going to shame you for eating a burrito, pizza, or some ice cream. We are human and we expect you to be human too. Flexibility and freedom are the two words I would describe our programs as providing you. Guilt over food is a thing of the past and we work towards helping you develop a healthy relationship with food while also learning how to make your everyday foods healthier for you. The unique program I’ll develop with you will help you stick to a nutrition plan, eat more food while losing weight, boost your metabolism, and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will have you reaching your goals and feeling your best!

Behavior Change Coaching

Behavior change is so important and often times people believe this is just willpower. They think they are weak but I have very rarely found this to be the case. With most people I work with people seem to fall into a shame cycle and they think they can't overcome it because they have weak willpowers. Diligence is great but habits are better and softness on yourself is best. You need to figure out why your habits aren't sticking in order to actually fix your problems with them. Often times these are just not the habits for you and they require simple tweaks to fit your life. This is a remote service I provide my clients to help them reach their goals and change their mindset to be healthier easier along the way! Your results are best kept if you transform your mind and your habits around your body along the way. Let us show you how to be happy and stop sabotaging yourself!

Orthopedic Exercise Programming

We work with many clients who come from a post rehab backround or are preparing for surgeries. We have worked with clients preparing for back surgeries, knee surgeries, hip surgeries, shoulder surgeries, and more. We have also provided post-physical therapy programing for many individuals recovering from their surgeries. We work in tandem with your doctors and physical therapists to provide you the best care possible and will treat you kindly and with a positive attitude as you progress. We love seeing the benefits that come with consistent exercise with proper form. Because of this, we often do low impact exercise with the majority of our clients and will prioritize slow correct movements over pushing for PRs or pushing clients to exhaustion. We don't try to convince you that you need us because you don't and that's not our goal. We teach independence and confidence more than anything in the gym and we will be honest with you above everything else. Our goal is to provide you with as much information about your physical exercise plan and everything we work on so you don't need us in the long run! We respect you and want the absolute best for you!